Reliability and original design solutions, high-tech production, as well as quality control of products at all stages of production, allow us to produce high-quality and refined products that fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our style options are multifaceted: from Baroque and Empire to Modern.

We, as “UniPro” (Universal Production) company follow global trends in furniture production and are ready to implement the brightest and most unusual ideas. High quality, as well as safety of our products are our major priority. Thanks to regularly applying innovative technologies, we present the most modern products to the market both in terms of design and meeting broad variety of consumer tastes and satisfaction.

What do we produce?

1. Furniture and woodwork:

All types of fixed furniture and loose furniture, using materials such as wood, metal, glass, leather, fabric, marble, corian, etc.

All types of wall cladding and ceiling finishes:

-including wood, acoustic, leather and fabric panels

All kinds of wooden windows and doors

Alcoves, stairs, handrails.

Commercial and individual furniture (including office) for open and private space areas:

Private and open space furniture (Office rooms for C-level and staff / reception, lounge, halls, gourmet, and lavabo)

2. Metal structure:

All types of metal structures:

-including platforms, trusses, stairs, railings

Metal doors, gates and fences

Elevators and escalators interior and exterior stainless steel claddings

3. Products from plastic and aluminum:

Doors, windows, mosquito nets and partitions
Matting (glazing and glass decoration)